When To Call A Tree Company


We run into a lot of clients who ask the question, “when should we call a tree company?” The question that they are wanting answered is what situations should we cut down the tree ourselves or get someone to help us.

My answer to this question is about all each scenario. There is usually no one scenario that I can say do this every time. However, it is important to answer some of these questions to determine whether or not you should hire someone. We received these questions from Columbia Tree Service.

1) Is it a situation that you are going to be put in danger? For instance, has the tree fallen to the ground? Is it above your head? Will it be difficult for you to get to?

2) Will it require a ladder to cut it down? Sometimes it is in a place that is above your head. Will you need to be to use a ladder to get to it?

3) Do you know how to run a chainsaw? Do you have experience in this area?

4) Are you near anyone’s property? Are there certain rules that you need to follow in your subdivision?

All of these are great questions to be asking. We have found that if you are asking these questions, then more than likely you need to give a tree service company a call. They will have the expertise needed to answer your questions and to help you with your tree service problems.