Friday, April 16, 2010

Darren Karr's "Great Night" In Tillamook

You certainly don't hear or read much about Darren Karr, one of nine Republicans running for governor in the May 18 primary. The self-described "zero dollar" candidate isn't accepting any campaign contributions, and didn't even bother (or couldn't afford) to purchase space in the state voters pamphlet. But he evidently is making the effort to attend some candidates' forums, including one last night in Tillamook.

The event was sponsored by the Tillamook chapter of the American Association of University Women. I couldn't find any coverage of the forum on the local newspaper's website. But fortunately, Darren Karr stepped up to describe the event in excruciating detail. Among his observations:

1. The candidates present included "a lady state senator running against Ted Wheeler for State Treasurer." (Uh, Darren--that would be your fellow Republican Chris Telfer, who technically isn't running against Ted Wheeler right now...she's running unopposed in the GOP primary. She'll face either Ted Wheeler or Rick Metsger, the two Democrats vying for their party's nomination in May.)

2. "(State Senator) Betsy (Johnson) is an older woman." Johnson, according to the Oregon Blue Book, is 59 years old. I couldn't find an age for Darren, but the photo on his campaign website would appear to place him on the south side of 59. Still, referring to a powerful female state lawmaker as "an older woman" is surely a dubious political move.

3. Karr refers to Oregon's "state congress" and calls state lawmakers "congressmen."

4. Karr, after listening to the other candidates, observes: "We need ME in office to represent us."

5. Despite "SEETHING" his way through the forum, Karr nonetheless concludes: "It was a great night."