Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Morse Vetoes Bid For Governor

Another Republican has decided not to run for governor.  Frank Morse told the Gazette Times that he'll seek re-election to his Albany-area seat in the Oregon Senate.  Morse had said earlier that he was contemplating a run.

Where does that leave the GOP when it comes to next year's marquee political battle in Oregon?  Businessman Allen Alley is actively campaigning.  Former state lawmaker John Lim says he's running but so far hasn't raised any money and has kept a very low profile since announcing his candidacy in early September.  Current state Senator Jason Atkinson said recently he was "suspending" his campaign due to unspecified family health reasons.  Former Portland Trailblazers basketball player Chris Dudley, who--according to Wikipedia--is known for "his limited offensive game and poor free throw shooting," has formed a fundraising committee but hasn't officially entered the race.

On the Democratic side, former Governor John Kitzhaber and former Oregon Secretary of State Bill Bradbury are duking it out, along with former computer exec Steve Shields.